97D High
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Version: 97D
Drop: 25%
Exp: 1.000x
Reset Level: 350
Points per Reset: 250
Servers Up: 2/2
Total Accounts: 6784
Total Chars: 14504
Total Guilds: 458
Guild Members: 2401

Server News - May, 2020

New ingame commands were added!!

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You can now add your points ingame, by using the command /str . For example /str 500 (to add others stats use agi, vit, ene). Note: You need 25kk in char to add the points.

Server News - Feb, 2020

New paypal email!!

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Our paypal email changed to: [email protected]

Server News - Jan, 2017

Bonus for creating acc!!

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Create now an account and get started with 5k points to add on each char!!

Server News - Jan, 2017

Psychic-Doom 97D Back Online!! :-)

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We are back, and so am I (Cyndre here) with 100% of the old site functioning. Welcome back guys, let's play!!!


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